March 19, 2020 | Microservices

Nisum Helps Generate $300MM Increase in Sales by Implementing Microservices Platform

By Nisum


Business Challenge
A Fortune 500 client of Nisum’s had a monolithic eCommerce platform but were suffering from several limitations associated with it:
Low sales on mobile site and app, resulting from:

  • Delayed time-to-market
  • High cost of maintaining parity
  • Low platform performance
  • Lack of presence across channels
  • High bounce rates on mobile devices

Nisum built a cloud-native microservices platform on which services are deployed and developed, resulting in:

  • Easier and faster updates, quicker start-up times, scalability, and independence across services
  • Drastically improved customer experience with responsive design and seamless brand
  • Representation across all platforms
  • Improved back-end systems to support higher performance and volume

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