Nisum Helps Generate $8MM Incremental Revenue with Scrum-Team-as-a-Service (STaaS)

By Nisum



The ability to specify purchased goods’ delivery date results in:

  • +4.3% Cart-to-buy conversions


Business Challenge:

A Fortune 500 multi-brand, premium goods client needed their technology to provide estimated delivery dates from the Product Page through checkout in a short period of time, which they did not have the available resources to do so at the time, leading to:

  • Customer complaints due to generalized delivery dates
    • Customers wanted an exact delivery date
  • Customers calling pre- and post-purchase to find out the delivery date of their goods
  • Order cancellations



Nisum offered a STaaS team (a Product Delivery Manager, Scrum Master, developers, and QAs) to develop an integrated solution in eCommerce and supply chain that would provide specific product delivery dates, by:

  • Analyzing data and real use cases to decide where to focus to get better results, by accurately addressing the front-end (eCommerce) and back-end (supply chain) to provide estimated delivery dates.
  • Implementing Data-Driven Product Management to drive business and technology decisions 
  • Addressing gaps between different processes in the supply chain and the technical solution
  • Deeply understanding specificities of different types of products and modeling them in the system

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