Nisum Helps Increase Orders by 62% with Personalized Offers and Improved Loyalty Program

By Nisum


The client now has an improved loyalty program with targeted personalized offers, leading to:

  • 55% increase in mobile sales year over year
  • 10% increase in spending in the loyalty program’s highest tier
  • 3MM+ new members added to the loyalty program
  • 2x improvement in experience for loyalty customers, defined by Net Promoter Score and Customer Satisfaction 

Business Challenge:
A Fortune 500 retail client was not able to attract and retain frequent shoppers and did not have personalization insights and analytics on user behavior for information to support marketing initiatives, leading to:

  • Loss of customers and revenue because there were no benefits for frequent shoppers 
  • Poor customer service for returning customers because they did not have a  personalized selection 

Nisum partnered with the loyalty stakeholders to provide the most effective way of rewarding the existing loyal customer base. Nisum also partnered with the marketing team to provide an omnichannel strategy focused on customer acquisition, engagement, and retention. Together, Nisum and the client were able to:

  • Provide targeted personalized offers at the end of any transaction 
  • Improve the planning and forecasting of rich personalized offers by building operational analytical reporting solutions to track the program initiatives and providing real-time insights on performance and trends
  • Develop storytelling dashboards and provide insights to campaign performance year over year and season over season with respect to sales, open and click rates, orders placed, and targeted customers

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