September 14, 2017 | News

Nisum-o-sity Supporting Youth at Thingamajig® Invention Convention

By Nisum

Nisum’s community service initiative, Nisum-o-sity spent an exciting day volunteering at YMCA of San Francisco’s Thingamajig® Invention Convention July 13th at the San Francisco County Fair Building. We were kept very busy at the check-in table making sure all of the YMCA campers were able to vote on their favorite inventions, and we were also given the opportunity to lead some of the experiment booths during the event. Some of the Nisum-o-sity leadership even got to take part in the voting for the most innovative invention created by the campers. Check out some of the photos below. For the whole album click here. IMG_5735 Having a blast at the YMCA of San Francisco's Thingamajig® Invention Convention! IMG_5580 Nisum volunteers working hard checking in the over 1,200 YMCA campers that participated in the Invention Convention. IMG_5738 Nisum-o-sity leaders participating in the judging of the inventions. IMG_5640 A Nisum volunteer teaching campers about the Bernoulli effect with an experiment showing what high and low air pressure areas do do a soda can sitting in a mug.