August 03, 2017 | News

Nisum at Scrum Day Chile 2016

By Nisum

Nisum was proud to be a Platinum Sponsor at Scrum Day in Santiago, Chile this year. Nisum's Product Manager, Andrew Wallace presented on Agile Business Integration in Models and Nisum DevOps Engineer, Jose Ignacio Martinez gave a workshop on Using AWS, Docker, and Rancher for your automation needs. Our team hosted several, well-received scrum and Agile themed activities: Naval Battle, Get Kanban, Marshmallow Challenge, and Airplane Factory that you can see photos of here. Special thanks to the Nisum team that made this event such a success: Alejandra Aspee, Sabrine Serikawa, José Arrecio, Cecilia de Pablo, Germán González, José Ignacio Martinez, Andrew Wallace, Camila Rosemblat, Liliane De Carvalho, Amador Marín, Andrea Díaz. See photos from the event here!