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Nisum Pakistan provides comprehensive health benefits designed for all stages of life. There is great flexibility to manage time away from work and our benefits extend beyond conventional offerings. Over and above competitive salaries, our Pakistan office offers interest free loans, discount programs to local stores and restaurants, a car financing program, and old age benefits. To keep the workplace fun and productive, there are multiple appreciation programs, quarterly team lunches, monthly entertainment events, a gaming room, gym facility, free lunch, an in-house vending machine, and much more!

Health Benefits

We provide comprehensive health benefits that are designed specifically to meet the needs at all stages of your life. With our many options, you can find coverage related to in-patient and out-patient care along with life insurance.

Work-Life Balance

We provide optimal flexibility and choice for our employees’ to manage time away from work and for almost every aspect of life. Whether it’s about performing a pilgrimage, medical leave, family planning, to spending time with friends or family – our paid time-off benefit can support your lifestyle.

Incentives & Rewards

We recognize that different people have different needs and it is why our benefits extend beyond conventional offerings, with a variety of options to help you juggle the demands of your career and life. We offer multiple ways to earn financial rewards in addition to interest-free loans, multiple discount programs, one extra salary, car financing scheme, old age benefit, and fund savings.

Development and Training Programs

We recognize the efforts of our employees’ and also the significance of skillset and mindset they need to stay competitive in the marketplace and provide support through structured classroom training, study sponsorships, international trips, and multiple appreciation programs.

Team Building

We strive to create a culture where fun and work go hand-in-hand, and offer quarterly team lunches along with monthly entertainment events to ensure the workplace remains fun and productive!

Office Facilities

Our office is specifically designed to provide a healthy lifestyle to our employees, and offers a separate gaming room, gym facility, free lunches, an in-house vending machine to pick snacks and drink, and SO MUCH MORE!

Yousuf Shariff

Sr. DevOps Engineer

It is satisfying to help make things function well at Nisum. I’m striving to keep things running in the most efficient manner possible.

Mason Mukai

Marketing Coordinator

It is very exciting working for a company that prides itself on being at the cutting edge of technology while also growing internally at such a high rate.

Catalina Reynolds

Management Analyst

Working at Nisum has been a huge learning opportunity. Here, I get the chance to work on many different projects with some of the greatest minds of our company.

Kumar Saurabh

Senior Project Manager

Proud to be a Nisumite. Excellent environment, well equipped and bright colleagues, and immense opportunities for professional and personal growth.

Current Openings